Pictures from Toledo Beach, Lasalle MI to Tonawanda, NY

These little guys will miss us. The swallows help keep the bug
population downbut man can they ever leave a mess!

They love to perch and other things alllll over the deck....

The Swallows brought all their relatives to see us off!

This was my beautiful long stem Veteran's Honor rose cut to size.
(It was work going back for - the wonderful smell filled the boat for a week.)

A last look before departing Lasalle, Michigan.

Okay - Swee'pea needs to see where we're heading: S. Bass Island

Hey, how on earth do the kids do this (take their own pic)?
I'm pretty sure I got us in the center while Wayne has the helm...

Perry's Victory & International Peace Monument  at Put-In-Bay
This is a 352 ft pink granite monument that can be seen by day up
to 10 miles away. You can see it before spotting the island and the
beacon at the top is handy if you come in during the night hours...

We couldn't figure out why the blimp was  here over Put-In-Bay, then Wayne figured out that we were in it's path as it headed to Brooklyn, MI for the  Nascarrace coming up.  So glad we don't need to get through that traffic with the campers.

Water sports (not the kite referred to in my blog but Rob: please - no!)

Another view of the pink, granite monument (yes I like granite).

Anchored by the Stone Laboratory at S. Bass Island (of course).

Which way do we go now?

He liked following me - and no, I didn't feed him...

Swee'pea was glad to get shore leave at Put-In-Bay; Awesome pizza and beer here at the brewery.

I loved the limestone fountain - can you see the rainbow?

Night shot of Perry's monument - almost a full moon too.

Skyline of Cedar Point - yowzer that drop is higher than the tallest coaster!!!

Lorain Harbor

The freighter coming into Lorain

I just loved seeing this guy tacking to get out of the harbor

And he goes around the freighter coming in...

Cleveland, Ohio

Fairport Harbor

Fairport, moonrise

Nightshot of Fairport

Perry Power Facilities cooling towers from Fairport

Passing by the Perry Power Facilities

Carpe' Diem

Carpe'Diem at anchor in Ashtabula at sunset

Coming into Erie - ore operations

Twilight after a night sail from Erie PA

It was a long night/morning - I love dawn and sunrise

Cat-napping  up top

Sunrise at at the helm

Here comes the sun...

Morning has brooooken, like the first morrrrrninnnng....

Buffalo NY Harbor - we made it during daylight!

One of our last sights of  Lake Erie - this buoy divides the Niagara River (to the falls) and the Black Rock Canal (our route through slower currents and no falls). It signaled the end of our trip on Lake Erie and not long (we hoped until we could get some sleep

Another shot of Buffalo, NY

Our first lift bridge on the Black Rock Canal.

Bascule Bridge on the Black Rock River

Permission to cross over Mr. Bridge Tender?

Our first lock: the Black Rock Lock coming up after exiting the swingbridge.

Black Rock Lock - say that several times very fast LOL

hmmm... wonder if these kids mom's know what they're doing....

If your friends jumped off some pilings, would you????

If your friends jumped off a bridge,does that mean you you would too? Um guess so.

Is it safe to come out yet? Looks sunny...

Ahhhh.... Sunshine and fresh air, what more could a stuffed creature ask for....

Swee'pea checking out to see if we can fit a 50 ft mast under a 20 ft bridge.

Umm,  time to come about cap'n unless that mast has a hinge...

Boat Houses on the river near Wardells - there appeared to be an effort to keep
them since there was a large sign saying "Keep Boat Houses".

Wardells - right at the entrance of the canal - mast must come down in order to get
past the bridge and into the Erie Canal. It's popular because it's right at the
entrance. After our trauma I heard quite a few stories regarding this place - wish I'd heard them before hand - it would have saved us 3 days waiting to unstep the mast.

No wrong turns please - I don't want to go over the Falls - stick to the channel!

On the wall across from Wardells, taking down the sails, etc...

A view from our wall (ahem - slip at Wardells) under the bridges toward the Erie Canal.

We used a milk crate to stand on the deck to climb up the wall to flake the sails.

The crane that will take our mast out of the water

Front cradle piece to hold the mast
Back cradle piece for the mast

Preparing the bolsons chair to lift the first mate up the mast.
First Mate up and hooking up the crane bridle  around the spreaders
No I can't see the mist from the falls from here, you need to lift me higher... kidding
Ready to lift the mast away from the boat
There she goes - lift away
She's free from the boat now...

Careful of the radar...  It was nerve wracking for me watching the guys manuver the crane and jockey the mast around for us to work on wrapping all the rigging lines etc... on shore before loading the mast onto the cradle of the boat.

Hope we don't have to do this again for awhile. I'm sure I'll be a wreck again once we put the mast back in once we reach the Hudson River. 

The guys at Rich's Marina were really terrific and I'd highly recommend them. Rich's Marina is in Buffalo right outside of the Black Rock Lock heading downstream.

Ah, time for some soda and a break...

And, we're on the road again, err, um, on the river again that is....

Back towards Tonawanda - this looks like a familar path...

Okay, finally under the bridge past Wardells...

Stopping for the next couple of days in Tonawanda. The bridge ahead is a railroad bridge that I thought was no longer in use so I climbed it for the view back towards the boat. Look at the concrete counter weight on it - looks like it used to be a lift bridge...

I found it interesting that the rails were still in pretty good shape and wondered if the rails were still in use...Decided that I needed to get a shot of the boat from this bridge though...

I don't think I'll go under the concrete counterweight...

Yep, the view from the train bridge is quite nice. Wonder if I can zoom on Wayne.

There they are - Wayne and Brie...

Glad I wasn't still on the bridge - there goes an Amtrak train (oops)

Tonawanda is over on the left side Under Lake Ontario. We're on the western terminus of the Erie Canal and will follow it eastward to the Hudson river and down to New York City...

We'll put the mast back up around Troy once we make our turn onto the Hudson.

When life is bad, just keep going.  When life is good, it's very, very good.

At the moment - Life is very, very good... Enjoy...

Hoping the canal treats us good.... The Krew of the Kolibrie
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