Erie Canal Pictures: Scenes Along the Canal from Tonawanda to Little Falls

Some houses are raised on blocks

Boat Garages!

This guy was doing some kind of dance (mating dance?)

This is a guard gate above. In case of high water levels they close the gate and divert  the  water  over  a dam  to  prevent  flooding  of  the river or canal bed.

The picture to the right shows a beginning of color along the canal - nice orange.

We started at Locks 34/35 and are going towards Lock 1.
Only.... there is no Lock 1 (don't ask - I don't know why)

This lock has drained - going down anyone?

This lock is flooding - going up anyone?

One of the friendliest Lock Masters I met (they're all very nice)

This lock has drained and the boat is ready to leave.

Okay - our turn - notice how high we are?

Notice the water/scum line is getting higher?

We're dropping still. Wayne has a rope around a pipe in the wall.

Um, yep - still descending - water is still being emptied.

Still can't see the bottom - still descending

Okay - we're at the bottom and ready to leave the lock now.

We exited on the left, the old lock is to the right in this picture.

The picture to the right shows the old lock.

This is a lift bridge. We radio ahead on the VHF Channel 13 to ask permission to cross. Once we do that, a railroad gate comes down stopping traffic, then the bridge lifts so we can go under. Average heights of the lift bridges are 17 feet.

Hmmm... I think this one is a repeat of a pink house above on blocks

This is a shot of one of the guard gates. They don't lift - they just stand waiting for someone to close them in times of flooding.

A closer shot of the guard gate.

Yes, it wouldn't be me if I didn't have a picture of the bedrock - aye?

Some of the places have the lift bridges close together - check it out...

I suppose they can keep you captive if they want (remember my blog post???)

Do you see Swee'Pea above? The kid gets around... Don't fall....

A town built by sandstone - Medina Sandstone - world famous and exported....

Okay, the above pictures and following ones were taken in Medina. Medina is known for their sandstone which was used extensively in the town - check out the churches and buildings!  It has also  been exported around the world for use in some pretty famous places (Buckingham Palace, Brooklyn Bridge, to name a couple, Cuba, the Middle East, etc...).

I couldn't believe the amount of churches this small town had.  I also didn't know that you were a saint Mary!  I guess I should have though LOL... Look at all you've had to put up with through the years.

These falls actually go under the canal - kind of creepy to think about it.

The canal is to the left in the picture, the falls and river you can kind of see to the left of the picture. I couldn't get it all in.

Once again, the falls and river go under where you see this boat is traveling in the canal...

Here we are - parked on the canal for the night in Medina (see the sandstone building behind us) getting ready to go through the canal, over the falls the next morning.

Not only do they have rivers/falls going under the canal - check out this picture! Yes you see correctly - this is the only place where a road goes under the canal. It's weird in some places - like you're suspended in water above houses, roads...

Another shot of the road going under the canal.  I wonder if it drips on the cars below.

Okay, we thought this floating pontoon, house boat a little strange. Then it struck us, that this is the Pecker boat that Mike and Kathy talked about last year with the dead wood pecker. Look! he's laying on his back, feet up!!!

Okay, here's a better shot to show I'm not kidding the name of the boat is "Pecker" and you can see that on the side of the boat is a dead pecker - feet in the air and all LOL these guys have got to have a great sense of humor!!!

These towns have got to be the friendliest anywhere (I mean the ones along the canal). Look they loan you bikes  and wagons so you can go tour the town and go shopping too (Brockport).

Did you find Swee'Pea to the left in the sculpture?  There are various sculptures all over the town.  Very historic, artsy, and a fun place.

Another lift bridge (there are a lot...)

I had to take a picture of this guy fishing in Henpeck Park - It was just to good...

This is the young lady I mentioned in my blog that was jogging along the canal for 3-5 miles. I watched as she approached us, and then paced us never loosing her stride.

Here she is finally passing us. You go girl!!! We figured she must be training for a marathon, she kept the same pace and passed us. Hmmmm... we were going 5.5 knots. At this rate, she'll beat us to Florida and we're motoring at cruising speed!!!

This has got to be my favorite town along the Erie Canal.

Everyone was so curious about us - we had a little guy here that wanted to tour our boat (he was so cute). I hope that someday he gets his dream and owns his own!

This lift bridge is in the Guinness Book of World Records. Each corner is a different elevation and there are no 90 degree angles on it.  I believe it's the only lift bridge like that - imagine the counter weight to lift it! It has to be just right!

Night shot of the bridge stairs

Night shot of the Harbor Dock

Early Morning Shot of the harbor from bridge - can you see our boat on the left?

Okay full fledged morning now

This mule was outside the police station. Shows the mule haulers on this side.

This side shows the lift bridges along the canal system.

Clock tower in the town above the Police Station

This is the Bridge Tender to the Famous Bridge - very nice and friendly - I talked to him in the morning coming back from the showers.  He's talking about taking up painting - I guess the season here has been slow along the canal.

Okay - bridge is up so you can pass.

The upper level is how far the bridge goes up to once it's lifted.

As we say adios to Fairport I had to mention the place in the picture to the left! Okay - honest mistake if I thought that they make boxes - right?!?! 

I thought I could get a box for our boat cards here, but ummm, was a little embarrassed while going in and searching for the store that sells boxes.  I was told it's just the name of the building. It's full of offices and a very popular ice cream place that everyone comes to in the evening.  One would think that it's a factory that makes boxes!

Two sides to dock on - the one in the picture is to shallow for us - we have a 6 ft draft.

Newark - this place has free docking, free water, free power, annnnddd free Laundry facilities!!!! It might be little, but hey, it's mighty!!!  Did I also mention that on weekends, the mayor of Newark comes out to say hi and see if everything is okay?????

Wow... What can I say!  I'd also told captn Mike about it - they were going on ahead but at the mention of free laundry - the ladies couldn't resist and beat us here so we had to wait to do our laundry LOL...

Shhhhhh... don't tell everyone that it's free docking, free water, free power, annnnddd free Laundry until after you've passed by <giggling>  It was fun - really!

Some scenes along the way.... Bridges, birds, trees and stumps...

The Group from the Norma Fae - Very good people from Racine Wisconsin. Hope we meet up in the Bahamas Captain Mike!

Okay - time to cross Oneida Lake - the largest one in New York State.  We stayed in Brewerton for the night first before crossing it.

The view from our dock looking out past the bridge is Lake Oneida.

This is our dock. There's a power boat half way down the dock and we're on the end of the dock.

Good pizza - the kids here reminded me of my kids at school too. We were told they had the best pizza in town. Not bad at all...

A channel buoy in Lake Oneida. We like them because the lake is shallow and the channel deep.  Guess the birds like the buoys too!

Sylvan Beach is the other side of Lake Oneida. We stayed here for the night - a wonderful little town. The amusement park was a throwback of bygone days next to a beach but wow - this was a great little town. I can only imagine it during the summer season. We got here after Labor Day so the amusement park was closed but we were able to wander through it - there were no barriers or fences to keep us out. People were still using the beaches though and the bars and restaurants were still open.

Pictures of Sylvan Beach follow...

On the road errr canal again...

Nice open stretch of.... wilderness. There's a decided lack of traffic on the canal.

Wait, what's that ahead?

Tug Boat Erie - and barge doing bridge inspections.  I had to take pictures.

They heard we were coming from the Lock Master and waited for us before closing off the canal - Sweet!

I didn't realize it but they were taking pictures of us too LOL!

And on to work - inspecting that bridge!

The Village of Ilion's claim to fame is...

Yup - The first Remington gun was made here, but Mr Eliphalet Remington was shy, didn't want his name on the town so they named it after the ancient city of Troy (called Ilion)...

The marina has been revamped - quite nice shower facilities, etc...

This sign was red neon during the night - a nice welcome sign in the dark hours.

Ahh Herkimer, NY home of the famous Herkimer Diamonds.  Had it been cooler than 92 degrees, I'd have been out there digging and cracking open the rocks - I must be getting old, I settled for the gift shop...

After we leave here we go down the largest single lock drop of 40 feet.

Trains, trains and more trains but you actually get used to the noise. I don't know if you can see the trains there - they have stacked freight cars two high... Blade - Tried to get the 3 engines hauling the cars but they go by sooo fast!!!

Stayed here Saturday night too - Hannah was dumping rain and drizzle most the day so we stayed in Little Falls.
Pictures of the marina above and below, and then we walked into town to go to the post office (package coming for Hannah - incoming Hannah!), bank and do some grocery shopping. 

They have a farmers market on Saturdays - we just caught the tail end of it.

Another shot of train cars for Blade :) below too.
These are some terrific old buildings in Little Falls.
Picture of the Historical Society Building Above (Little Falls).