S/V 'Kolibrie'
_________________________________________1987 Cutter Rigged Bayfield 36
Wayne & Pat


There are different spellings  but Kolibrie translates to "Hummingbird"  An appropriate name, we thought, since the wind hums in the rigging and she flys through the water (albeit rather slow since we're a cruising boat) to take us to ports unknown as we explore our surroundings from the water.

The surface of our world is over 70% water, yet we are tied to the "less than" 30% land surface  - for most of us - all of our lives. Few of us ever really explore this planet we call home, fewer still via the vast area we call the ocean. Most people are content to occupy less than 20% of our world and explore less than 5% of it...

This site is born of a desire to get out and explore our world via sailboat.  You're welcome to join us vicariously through this website as we have done the same through many other people's websites. Welcome to our voyage of self discovery beginning in the Great Lakes and ending...?


It's time to cast off the dock lines.

''You can't discover new oceans if you don't leave sight of the shore."

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